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Monday 7th November:



We had a really good run down here. When I say run, obviously we were on the coach! We arrived in good spirits as you can see above, although the journey clearly took a lot out of Mr Hudson, as he took time to have a little doze. 



This afternoon we've been making the most of the sunshine by going on a site tour so we can find out where everything is and where we can go. Here we are hugging Lonely Larry, a solitary tree in the middle of the field.




There is so much open space here we'll be exploring all week! We're also going to take part in our first archery session of the week before taking part in a Dance Jam tonight! 



Tonight it's been a dance party. We were asked to dress in a crazy way so this is what we did. 
Picture 1
Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Anyone for archery?