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Well everyone loves a sing song and the spirits were high on the coach as we headed to the Kingswood Centre. On arrival everyone managed to find themselves reunited with their suitcase. Some of the children had already decided that if there were not enough beds they'd sleep in their suitcase. That's not to say the cases were big, but we expected to find some mummy's and daddy's hiding inside them on opening!


Anyway, after finding our rooms, settling in and meeting the Kingswood staff we went straight to work finding out where everything was. Most important was the canteen. All the children are looking forward to spending lots of time in there this weekend to build their energy levels back up after the activities. 


After a site tour we've carried out a few problem solving activities and completed some basketball warmups. Tonight we head to the jungle for a little action on the vines. We have been assured there are no crocodiles, but the children will become Tarzan although they may be met by a few very independent Janes!

We made it!



The children went to sleep last night having been totally worn out by a combination of excitement, exercise, celebrating Bottle Rocket champions and the inability to stop talking about everything that had happened yesterday.


The activities ended with the group using bicycle pumps  to fire plastic bottles across a field. Having used their legs a lot to run around and climb this final activity was the perfect way to ensure they all slept soundly. 


There are good spirits in the camp this morning. Following a big breakfast we'll be taking on some team challenges this morning and helping the milkman with his rounds. Well, apparently we have to stack his crates!

We're just settling down for some lunch after a morning stacking crates, tackling assault courses and orienteering. Take a look at the photos to see us in action!


The Great Crate Challenge

This afternoon was a little more overcast so we decided we should build some shelters. We collected large pieces of trees from the woods surrounding the centre and then formed structures by arranging them around larger, stable trunks or branches. Although we think the rain water may come through the roof they are surprisingly cosy. 


We also did a few more team building exercises this afternoon but we couldn't see very much. We'll let the pictures explain that one!

Team Building

It's been a pretty tiring day but everyone has eaten well this evening and later we'll be having a pool party. We won't be posting any pictures from that event, but tomorrow morning we'll be trying our hand at fencing. We're hoping that's the sport and that we're not going to be asked to do any building work on site. 


Everyone is having a lot of fun and smiling lots, even the teachers!

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We began Sunday with some indoor activities including fencing. You will see from the pictures that it is also possible to do a little beekeeping judging by the masks we had to wear. The children were very good with foile in hand and were also very agile on their feet. 


We we have a busy day today having begun the day learning about bushfires. We heard all about the danger of fire and how useful it can be if you need to survive as it gives heat and a place to cook.


Some of the children also had the chance to do the activities they missed yesterday so we've put all the pictures into one slideshow today. We hope you enjoy it as everyone is doing here!



The children have managed to pack all the clothes in their rooms into suitcases. There is no guarantee they have all their own clothes or pairs of socks, but the rooms at least are now empty. 


The morning activities have included archery, orienteering and a little laser quest. We are just settling down to lunch and then will be packing the coach and heading back to old London town. 


We hope you have enjoyed the updates this weekend. Your children are coming back to you a little bit exhausted but very happy (although they may be in need of a long bath or shower)!