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Kingswood 2016

Day One...

was all about settling in. We met with the Kingswood team who showed us where everything was. We also found where the food is served so we can stayed fuelled up and ready to be active. While we may have all gone to bed at a reasonable time, it became clear at 5.30am that we all get up when the sun comes up. 


Day Two...

was an exciting day of orienteering, crawling around like blindfolded puppies, swinging through the air like Tarzan and solving problems and working together as a team.

It was a little bit chilly, but we just kept moving to stay warm. We've eaten lots and tonight we plan to go to bed nice and early, but mainly just to avoid Miss Bijlani singing her way through Eurovision! See the photo update below

Day Three

Happy Sunday everybody. The sun managed to make an appearance for the last activity of the day, Rocket Bottle, which pretty much ensured everyone was fast asleep shortly after dinner. 


As you can see from the gallery below, we spent some time yesterday working out how we could win the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest using a range of musical instruments. 24th out of 26th last night; we can't do any worse (although obviously mathematically we could). 


We also took turns to understand how the milkman delivers pints of milk to people who live on the first floor of flats when the lift is broken. As you can see, it takes a lot of team work and it is much easier to simply climb the stairs!

Today is another day and we are excited by the challenges ahead, not least keeping Mr Hudson's mind off the Arsenal game and the dream of beating Spurs to second place (how the dream became a reality)!


We've been spending some time building trust. We were blindfolded and expected to navigate an assault course. Luckily we're from Anson and so the task was pretty easier as we are very good at working as a team in assemblies, shows, classroom activities and sport. In fact, the instructors couldn't believe how easy we all found it and suggested that we might decide to do it again at night to make it more of a challenge. One of our clever little weekenders pointed out that if you are blindfolded in the day time or at night time, it's always dark! 

The Blindfold Trail

Still image for this video

Day Three...

ended with everybody realising just how close they had become as a team. They've been tackling challenges together, spending quality time together, sharing a room and now they're probably sharing socks as the packing commenced. The rooms are small, some are messier than others and while we can guarantee that everything made it into a suitcase, we can't guarantee it was the correct suitcase! Expect to see a rogue sock or a new T-shirt in the cases. 

Having said that the children did an incredible job. Packing in the evening will give them more time for a final round of fun in the morning. Today has been fun, as we continued our rotation of climbing, music and team problem solving. 


Day Four...

The children had a lovely day swinging around of ropes and swings. They were pretty exhausted this morning and should be coming back to you ready to go to bed, pretty much straight away! We'll upload more pictures in the next few days.