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29th October 2018


Help@Home: This week Reception are learning about 2D shapes. What objects in your home are a triangle, rectangle or circle?


Help@Home: This week Yr1 are learning about the seasons. Take some time to collect some leaves of different colours on your way to school. 


Help@Home: This week Yr2 are learning about O’Clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to the hour. Look at the clock at bedtime, breakfast time and going to school.


Help@Home: This week Yr3 are learning about money. Gather some loose change together and play around adding and subtracting small amounts as a family. 


Help@Home: This week Yr4 are looking for patterns in mathematics. Write out the 3 and 6 times table and help your child to spot the pattern. 


Help@Home: This week Yr5 are learning about multiples of numbers. At home count in multiples of 7 and multiples of 8 with your child.


Help@Home: This week Yr6 are learning dividing three digit numbers by 2 digit numbers. Take a look at Maths at Home for some help: