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Football (Year 1 and 2) on the playground on Thursdays

Using Both Feet

Lots of people kick with their left foot. Lots of people kick with their right foot. However, you should practice using both feet to kick the ball. It will give you a lot more tricks to beat the defenders! Watch the Footy Pups explain how to use both feet in football.

HOW TO IMPROVE YOUR WEAK FOOT | Learn to shoot with both feet

Want to improve your weak foot, so you can shoot with both feet, become a more unpredictable player and score more goals! Then this is a video for you.

Football: (Year 1&2) on Thursdays:


Week 1: 2nd May

Week 2: 9th May 

Week 3: 16th May

Week 4: 23rd May

Week 5: 6th June 

Week 6: 13th June

Week 7: 20th June

Week 8: 27th June

Week 9: 4th July

Week 10: 11th July