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Film Club

Welcome to Film Book Club.


At Film Club we talk about films, we make films and we explore how they make us feel and what they make us think about issues. There are three focus areas this term.


The children who come to Film Book Club have the rest of the Autumn Term to read these 10 books. In the Spring Term we then begin to watch the films. It should be a very exciting start to 2018. 

Film Club of the Year

Anson Primary School was voted Film Club of the Year at the Into Film Awards, 2015. This is the video that explains how the club works.

Film Club is an extension to the school day with a strong focus on how we can learn through film. The club must be pre-registered so we can order the correct number of books. 


If you want your child to come along there are a few things to consider. 



1. Parents must decide whether a film is appropriate for their child. The school screens films that have a certificate of U or PG. It is up to parents to decide if they are happy with the content of each film. 


2. Children can bring their own healthy food to Film Club. There will also be a range of food on offer at the club including some treats and healthy snacks. All snacks and drinks will cost 50p.


3. Children must be picked up at 5.30pm. If you are late collecting your children on three occasions your child's place at the club will be withdrawn. 


4. As a parent you will actively encourage your child to write reviews of the films they have seen. Sometimes this will happen in the club itself. All reviews will be written on the Into Film website. 

Into Film Awards: Teacher of The Year

Nicholas Pinnock presents the Into Film Award for Teacher of The Year to Mr Pile in 2016.

Children can write their reviews on paper or by visiting the Into Film website: