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Reviewer name and age: Zahara 11 years old.

Book title: Dork diary.

Author: Rachel Renèe Russell.

Star rating: FIVE STARS 

Title of reviewer: Read it! It’s amazing.


Dork diaries main character is Nikki Maxwell. Nikki gets in many problems but somehow she defeats them. Many of the issues happen because of her arch nemesis Mackenzie. And Nikki has a little sister called Brianna and she basically ruins her life. I’m rating it 5 stars because it’s such an interesting book it is also like MY LIFE! I really enjoyed the book. Rachel Renée Russell is a very creative writer.

I passed by dork diaries in a library and it caught my eye so I read the first page and I took it home but I didn’t know that it was a diary entry .

This book is very romantic but has a lot of drama .I like this book because all the characters are really interesting and have different attitudes. There is not a part that you should be wary of it is appropriate for all ages. There are certain characters like Nikki’s sister, Brianna the little parts she does tie the story together and makes it a bit more fun. If you have read many diary books like diary of the wimpy kid then you’ll like this one.

I recommend this book to 8+ also if any one likes romance and loads of drama this is the book for you.

Name & Age-Tarika (11 years old)


Author-David Williams

Star Rating- FIVE STARS

Title of review-Shockingly Hilarious



Ratburger, a story of loss, love and hate. Meet Zoe, sometimes she wishes was dead; she has a lot of things to be unhappy about. Zoe's mother died while giving birth to her, her father had been sincerely depressed.

Reviewer name and age: Subhaan 11 years old

           Book Title: Diary of a wimpy kid Double down.  Author: Jeff Kinney

           Rating: 5/5

           Title of review: Outstanding! You MUST read it!


Diary of a wimpy kid double down is a really interesting book and it’s about how Greg wants to become someone who wants to be filmed about what he does for a living. I would recommend this book to over 8 year olds. Do you think that Greg will be filmed about his life? Read the book to find out!

                Sherae (age 11 years)

Gaslight by Eloise Williams

4 ½ stars

Feels so real!

Gaslight is an exquisite book about a girl’s life, all the great and the sad times. It was very interesting, as at first it seemed like she knew everything about her life, but slowly secrets start to reveal themselves and her life becomes a lie. This book is for ages 7-13 as some parts are a bit grown up. I would rate this 4 ½ stars out of 5 as some parts were a little boring. This book is amazing. I recommend you read this book!

Book Tittle-The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane

Reviewer name and age-Saniya Khan 10 years old

Star Rating: FIVE STARS

Review Tittle-Edward Tulane


This is a book about a china Rabbit (soft teddy) called Edward Tulane he lives with a girl called Abilene her parents and her grandmother Peligrena although he is a toy he has feelings he feels like Abilene doesn’t care about him then one day Abilene and her family and Edward were going on holiday they travelled by boat two boys saw Edward and snatched him from Abilene they were throwing it around and Edward dropped in the ocean. Read the book to find out what happens to Edward and where he is.

I like this book because it interests me and brings me into the story.

 The book was a class book so we read it together.

The message in this story is always love the ones who love you or you will lose them.   

The genre in the story is young adult fiction.


  I recommend this book to children 9 and over because this book contains a scene of death younger children might get upset by that.

Reviewer name and age: Sammi 11 years old

Book title: Diary of a wimpy kid the last straw

Author: Jeff Kinney

Star rating: 10/10

Title of review: Diary of a wimpy kid review

Review: This is a really interesting book is really funny, I recommend this book to everybody. This book is about New Year’s resolutions. Greg, Manny and Rodrick are really funny, Greg can keep a resolution, and Manny can’t. Rodrick doesn’t even bother to think of a resolution, I think everybody would enjoy this interesting book. This book is similar to all other of Diary of a Wimpy Kids no other books can beat this and you can’t teach that!

Book name: Divergent

                     Author: Veronica Roth

                  Review by: Robbie aged 10

Star Rating:      FIVE STARS                                        


There was a great war in America, yet only Chicago fully recovered-well that’s all we know. The survivors built a fence surrounding it and split everyone into 5 different factions. Candor, they value truth and honesty, they tell the truth, even when you don’t want them to. Amatee, they’re the farmers, they value peace and happiness. Eryodite, they know everything, they value knowledge more than anything. Then there’s Abnegation, they live a selfless life, they feed the factionless, those who live on the streets; Abnegation are trusted to run the government. And finally Dauntless, they’re the soldiers, described as crazy, but they never give up.


As times go by, Ginane, the leader of Eryodite, wants to run the government; conflicts rise between factions and 1 girl thinks she can make a difference. I would recommend this to anyone who enjoyed the Hunger Games Series because it has similar context.

Reviewer name and age: Nyle age 11

Book title: Who let The Gods Out                           Author: Maz Evans

Star rating: FIVE STARS

Title of review: WHO LET THE GODS OUT


This book is about a boy called Eliot that goes on an adventure and finds Gods on the way so they can place the stone back in its rightful place

I really wanted to read this book because my friend recommended it to me and he said he enjoyed it a lot he let me read the blurb and that drew me in even more. I like it because it is an adventure story and I have always liked adventure stories

Natalia reviews A Monster Calls

A boy called Conor lives with his mum who is ill. Every night he has the same nightmare. Outside his house is a Yew tree, and at 12:07 the Yew tree would turn into a monster. Every night the he would tell a tale; altogether there were 3 tales. The monster wants to know Conor’s story. The monster wants the truth.

Star rating: 5/5 stars. Age rating: 12-13 years old.

My favourite character was the monster, because when it tells a story it explains it from other people’s point of view.

My least favourite character was Harry, because he would bullied Conor because his mum was il

A Long Walk To Water

Reviewer name and age: Mubeen 10 years old

Book title: A long walk to water       Author: Linda Sue Park

Star Rating: FIVE STARS

Title of review: READ IT! IT’S OUTSTANDING!


I decided to read this book because the cover grabbed my attention. It’s about a girl who has to leave her country for war. This is an action book. I like this book because the genre. There is one part to be wary of when the girl has to leave her country because of war. I recommend this book to over 10.

Reviewer name and age: Mariam 10 years old.

Book title: Holiday heartbreak.

Author: Rachel Renee Russell.

Star rating: FIVE STARS

Title review: You don’t want to miss out on this.

Recommendation: I recommend this for 8 and over.


There is a girl called Mackenzie; she is jealous about Nikki and Brandon’s relationship, so she does something very selfish to Nikki Maxwell. But it is all about Nikki’s life and how Mackenzie and Brianna (her little sister) try to annoy her as much as they can.

I heard a lot of people talking about the dork diary series everybody said, “It’s amazing!” so I went to the library and tried a dork diary book, it was absolutely amazing!

I liked this book, since Rachel was very creative and made a writing flow amazingly which made it very interesting.

The message of this story is, no matter what obstacle comes your way, you have to try and fight it through.

The story is romantic and has a lot of drama , sometimes while you’re reading something comes in your way.

People who are interested in books, such as diary of the wimpy kid would enjoy this book.

When I finish reading the dork diary series ,I feel like Nikki was my friend throughout the whole book.

Do you want to see how she copes in her life? Then read the dork diary series.

Reviewer name and age: Malak  10 years old

Book title: Dairy of the wimpy kids the last straw 

Author: Jeff Kinny

Star rating: 3 Stars

Title of reviewer: the best


Could  Greg convince  his parents to do their list of  resloutions  this what kind of adventure Greg Heafly  is having could  he convince his mother to stop munching on her crisp very loud and what about  his dad, stricket diet is he going to make to the end  or not

( he is doing this just for presents for Christmas)

Reviewer name and age: Kosmo, 11

Brook title: Barry Loser: I am not a loser                    Author: Jim Smith

                                                   Star rating: ****


Title of review: Barry Loser Review


It’s about a life of a boy called Barry Loser, about his troubles and adventures.

I like it and found it fun to read.

I would give this book to between seven and twelve year olds because it’s kind of childish.

I gave this book four stars because I enjoyed it but sometimes I got a little bit bored.

I say you should have a go at reading this book.

Name: Katie

Age: 11

Book title: Knitbone Pepper: Best friends forever

Author: Claire Barker

Star rating: FIVE STARS


Title of review: A must read!



This loveable and funny novel will keep you reading chapter after chapter; as soon as you start reading, you will not be able to put it down! This book is a must have in schools and libraries. Hopefully everyone will experience the adventure with Knitbone Pepper


Knitbone Pepper is a book about a beloved dog named Knitbone Pepper and his owner and BFF- Winnie Pepper but one day something tragic happens, Knitbone finds himself dead but instead of heading to heaven, he is a ghost. Winnie is devastated and only Knitbone makes her happy but now that he is dead, she wants him back. Knitbone has a brilliant idea to try and convince and show Winnie that he is there. Along the way he meets other Pepper ghosts and together they try and help Knitbone while also saving the Pepper family!


I would recommend this book to everyone over 8 because as Knitbone is dead, children at young ages may be a little upset and it is a chapter book (21 chapters). I chose this book as the front cover illustrations- By Ross Collins- looked amazing, like all the illustrations, and the colour scheme is great. The title Knitbone Pepper Ghost dog caught my attention as ghost dog sounds interesting and the thought of what it is is open to interpretation. The characters of Knitbone and Winnie would appeal to others as they are both determined and clever characters and always try to achieve their goals. Winnie is also a young girl and she is bright and cheerful like a lot of children and like other children, she has a dog she loves. Claire Barker has written 3 Knitbone Peppers and I highly recommend if you like this book to read the other Knitbone Pepper books! If you like books about animals you should read SF Said’s Varjak Paw or Kate Dicamillo’s Edward Tulane.


Name: Haroon.                         Book title: A Monster Calls

Age: 10                                        Author: Patrick Ness

                    Star rating: FIVE STARS

Title of review: An amazing book


This book is about a boy who has the same dream every night and his mum is ill. Her treatments don’t work properly. She gets new treatments will they work? Will the boy stop dreaming about a monster? See for yourself. I decided to read this book because two people told me the book was amazing (one of them was a teacher) and I read it. It was the best book I had ever read since I was able to start reading. BUY IT. However it is really sad because something happens to his mother. Read it to find out. It can’t not be amazing.

Name: Gaurika   Book Title: A monster calls

Age: 11                                    Author: Patrick Ness

Title of Review: An amazing and touching book



This book is the most heart-warming and emotional book you’ll read in 2017. This book is a must have in any school library. It’s all about a boy who feels like an island ever since his mother started her treatments for her cancer. But they don’t seem to be doing their job. That all changes when the monster arrives at his window…I would recommend this book to older and mature readers as there are sad themes and inappropriate words.

I decided to read this book because I was introduced to it by a teacher and the blurb seemed so interesting. It was the best read of my life – and that’s saying something. I would highly advice you buy this amazing book. Enjoy Reading!

Reviewer name and age: Fiza 11 years old

Book title: dork diaries

Author: Rachel Renée Russel

Star rating: 5 STARS


Dork diaries main character is Nikki. Nikki Maxwell spends a week at north Hampton hill with Makenzie Hollister, Nikki Maxwell went on an exchange program where her enemy Makenzie goes with her. My rating is five put of five because it is a very good book and has an amazing story line.

I would recommend it to 8+ also I would recommend this story to people who love love and romantic stuff LIKE ME!

Book title: Life is sweet

Author: Cathy Cassidy

Reviewer name and age: Fajr Irfan 11 years old               

Title of review: Amazing

Star rating: 5 STARS


This book is a chocolate box –you can compare them to many chocolates: Bitter Sweet, Chocolate and Flowers, Hopes and Dreams, Moon and Stars, hearts and Sunsets, Snow- flakes and Wishes.

The connections running through the stories are, they are all sisters, the characters in the previous stories are in the present one you’re reading.

I can compare this book to a chocolate box because each character has a difference in attitudes, for example, Honey she switches to mean and girly to romantic and bitter.

The audience this book is aiming for is children who like romance and love also drama.

Review name and age: Aya B 11 years old

Book title: Double Dork Dairies

Author: Rachel Renée Russle 

Star rating: 5 STARS

Title review: This is an amazing book!!!


This is an amazing book. I decided to read this book because Zahara and Fajr were reading this book, and I asked them if the book is amazing, and they said it was an amazing book!

I like this book because there was a girl called Nikki she always get bullied with a band of girls but Nikki made friends, and they were called Chloe and Zoey.

Nikki had a crush on a boy and she loved him so much that she could ‘burst love and kisses’.

If you want to know who Nikki had a crush on, go and read the book; it is fantastic and something will happen to Nikki and  if you want to know what the band of bullies are called, read it.

I recommend this book to ages that 6 to 20

Reviewer name: Anesa (age 11)

Book title: The miraculous journey of Edward Tulane 

Author: Kate Dicamillo

Star rating: 5 STARS

Title of review: Jaw dropping


This heart-warming, gentle and sweet book will fill you with awe. It is a must have in every school library. Experience the one in a lifetime adventure with missing porcelain rabbit, Edward Tulane.

Edward Tulane lives with young, caring owner Abilene. She shares all her love for Edward yet he doesn’t give her anything but silence. During the story, Abilene’s much loved parents announce to their daughter that they are going to take a vacation as a family.  Of course, Abilene wouldn’t leave her beloved rabbit; whilst on the ship, Edward despondently gets thrown into the water by a cluster of disobedient boys. And that’s when the miraculous journey began.

I recommend this book to nine year olds and over since there are some tragic scenes.  As well as that, I chose this book because it is full of escapades and a sweet friendship-these are the genres I personally love. I love how authors give a human characteristic to toys and animals like Varjak Paw.

This author has cool imagination!!

Reviewer name and age: Ali (M)   11yrs old

Book title: Who Let the God Out?

Author: Maz Evans

Stars Rating: 5 STARS


The author has a vision of new life! He uses myth legends (Greek gods). My favourite characters are OBVIOUSLY Elliot, Thanatos and Zeus (There all pretty mysterious characters, that’s what I like).I recommend this book who take lots of humour, basically that aren’t THAT boring (no offense (I take humour).

Book: The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas

Name: Ali K

Star Ratings:  5 STARS

The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas-The Return

This book will make you feel emotional as Bruno meets his new friend Shmuel; the book really attracts your emotions as Bruno moves to a concentration camp because of the war. Things go wrong as Bruno tries to save his friend Shmuel … I recommend this book for 11 year olds and over because this book really makes you sad and you will never forget the book once you’ve finished it. Bruno is a child who has to move from Berlin. Shmuel is a child who is Jewish and he is treated poorly. Bruno lives with his parents (a family of 4) who have to face multiple challenges to help Shmuel survive the concentration camp as they swap places to give Shmuel his best experience before… death. 

The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas

By Arsam 10 years old

Author of Book: John Boyce

Star rating:    5 STARS             


The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas is a book a fellow peer recommended to me. Once I started it, I couldn’t get out of it. It’s an adventure book all about a boy called Bruno who is forced to leave his house and all is friends. In this book, I liked how it had many surprising plot twists and how it intrigues the reader. Although it’s a good book, I don’t think younger people will be able to handle it, as there are sad parts. Other than that, it’s an all-round good book!