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Anson TV

At Anson, we believe that the children deserve the biggest audience for their work. For so long children wrote solely in their books with the teacher the only person who read their work. With the use of video at Anson, we can capture the children’s work, performances, events and ideas and transform them into content that can be shared with the other children, their parents, our extended global families and up to 7 billion people. 


Anson TV is a download service using Google and the London Grid for Learning VideocentralHD (VCHD) service. This allows us to share a lot of great content from right across the curriculum. 

Here are some sample videos. There are many more videos from Anson TV on the class pages and in the Film Club section. 


22nd February: Story of the Week by Jessica


The children in the Filmmakers Club share their flip animations.


Watch Lunar Litter, our entry for the Into Film space competition.


The children in Reception present 'This Is Me'.


We're Going On A Dino Hunt by Class FK.


Enjoy the day Bekln Mile visited Anson from the X Factor.